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Pucker up for 'The Kiss,' a film shot with Google Glass

Two NY filmmakers don Google Glass as a storytelling tool for a lovely short film about lovers shot from both their perspectives.

Video screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

We've already seen all kinds of happenings filmed on Google Glass -- a marriage proposal from the perspective of the questioner, life at a zoo through the eyes of the zookeeper, an arrest captured by a bystander.

Now comes "The Kiss: A Short Film Shot Through Google Glass," a sweet little movie about romance -- shot with the augmented-reality eyewear from the perspective of both members of a couple.

The black and white film, which lasts just over three minutes, tells the story of a man late to meet his inamorata at the fountain in New York's Central Park. It was written and directed by Evan Ferrante, an independent film producer and partner at Reckless Productions, and Boonsri Dickinson, a journalist and filmmaker who used to write for CNET.

"We wanted to do something simple and we were inspired after watching Woody Allen's 'Manhattan' to do something that captured romance in the city," Dickinson tells Crave.

They also wanted to pay tribute to "Thomas Edison: The Kiss" an 1896 film thought to be the first motion picture to capture a smooch.

It's fun to watch the pair try to make their way to each other through the sunlit city with a languid version of the classic song "Drinking Again" playing in the background. Footage that involves a kiss and Google Glass can make for some in-your-face (and amusing) shots that practically put you in the middle of the peck, but that's part of the charm of an experimental Glass-made film like this.

"Feels like youth love," one YouTube commenter wrote. "It's lovely."