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Public site reveals what Twitter Commerce could look like

A mockup of a Web site from shows examples of what buying things on Twitter could look like if rumors of such an initiative prove true.

A mockup of a potential Twitter Commerce payment process, left online by the commerce site Screen shot by CNET

Although Twitter has yet to confirm that it will be allowing users to buy products directly through tweets, a publicly-available Web mockup suggests that such a system may be right around the corner.

A mockup of a tweet enabling Twitter Commerce. Screen shot by CNET

According to the mockup, which was first discovered by Recode, and which is still publicly available as of this writing, users will be able to make purchases directly within tweets through a system that could be known as Twitter Commerce.

In a user's feed, tweets with purchase options would have a "Twitter Commerce" label on them, according to the mockup. Clicking through to open the tweet could reveal a "Buy with" button that would start an e-commerce transaction. Buyers would then enter their credit card and other relevant payment information. What's not clear is if users would have to do this more than once, or if their information will be stored in some way.

The mockup was posted online by, an online commerce site. Twitter chairman and co-founder Jack Dorsey is a board member.

Neither Twitter nor immediately responded to CNET requests for comment.

But according to Recode, a Twitter commerce system would be powered by the online payments company Stripe, which recently closed an $80 million funding round. Earlier this month, Stripe was first rumored to be Twitter's partner in such an initiative.

Being able to enable commerce directly in tweets could be a very big deal for Twitter, which has yet to become profitable despite its very successful IPO late last year. Twitter's stock went public at $26 a share, and sits at $64.50 as of this writing. The company will report its first-ever quarterly earnings next Wednesday, and investors and analysts are sure to be very interested in its plans for bringing in new revenues.

The sales processing page, according to a mockup of how Twitter Commerce could work. Screen shot by CNET