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Public school system's e-mail sends parents to sex site

A simple typo directs parents of kids in the Chicago Public Schools system to an online community devoted to "the modern woman's sex life and sensuality."

The botched link in the e-mail led to this page. Rather elegant. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

School officials don't always do their homework.

Errors creep in -- sometimes creepy ones.

Still, who cannot feel a pang of guffaw-suppressing empathy for whomever wrote an e-mail on behalf of the Chicago Public Schools system?

As CBS Chicago sniggers it, parents were being notified by the Schools system of adjustments to the Illinois Standards Achievement Test.

Helpfully, the e-mail notification included a link to the Illinois State Board of Education Web site.

Perhaps, though, there was a copy-paste failure. Or perhaps the author decided to type out the whole link. Or perhaps... well, anyway.

Somehow, an extra letter was added to the link, which led to something less than a happy ending.

For this link directed parents to a site -- Isbel.com -- where a group "works together to explore and enrich the modern woman's sex life and sensuality."

I am fairly sure that the Chicago Public Schools system wasn't suggesting that certain mothers of the kids needed to expand their sexual horizons.

I am also fairly sure that this site featured an image of the Kama Sutra -- which is not on the school syllabus.

The Schools system apologized and sent out an amended e-mail.

I wonder how many new enthusiasts Isbel.com secured before the amended e-mail went out.