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PUBG for Xbox One hits version 1.0, becomes a 'real game'

A special PlayerUnknown's Xbox controller is on deck, too.

Fortnite may have stolen its thunder, but Player Unknown's Battlegrounds popularized the battle royale shooter genre -- and the game's Xbox version is now hitting a massive milestone.

Today, PUBG for Xbox One is officially a full game with the release of version 1.0, adding the deadly close-quarters combat heavy Sanhok map, new guns (the QBZ can be crazy-strong), full achievements integration and many of the other refinements found on the PC version -- though no War Mode yet. War Mode is more like a traditional shooter where players respawn after they die.


The QBZ is surprisingly accurate in bursts.

PUBG Corp.

Here are the full patch notes for Xbox v1.0, so you can read about all the changes in detail. 

The game originally gained fame on the Steam PC platform where it was widely adopted in beta, despite a plethora of bugs. While the Windows version hit the 1.0 "full release" benchmark back in December, it had remained in beta on Xbox One -- until now. The game is still going strong with an estimated 9 million players on Xbox One alone.  


The trigger grips make a first-time appearance on Microsoft's Xbox One controllers.

Microsoft/Screenshot by CNET

Fans can go all-in with a limited-edition PUBG Xbox One controller, too. Available for preorder, it's got a digital camouflage design and trigger grips. The controller ships in October -- but pricing wasn't specified.

PUBG remains a console exclusive on Xbox One, with no PlayStation 4 version yet announced.   

Originally published 8 a.m. PT Aug. 21.
Update, Sept. 4 at 12 p.m. PT: Updated now that v1.0 is live on Xbox One.

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