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Psystar store is back up, orders on the way

The Mac clone maker has obtained a new payment processor and is once again taking orders for computers with Mac OS X Leopard preinstalled.

Psystar's newest location near Miami International Airport. Anonymous reader

Psystar finally managed to get its Internet store back up and running Saturday, and promised that all Mac clones ordered to date will soon be on the way.

if you haven't been following the saga of Psystar, check out our coverage this week. In short, Psystar is selling home-built Open Computers with Mac OS X Leopard preinstalled, which is a violation of Apple's licensing policy for Mac OS X.

The company has been besieged with orders, attention, and skepticism this week after news of its existence spread far and wide. Most of the attention focused on the fact that Psystar changed its address no less than four times over the week, and that its payment processor pulled its services from the company after learning it was selling products, not just IT services.

But Psystar is back once again, with a new payment processor, according to the company's Web site. And it's promising that all Open Computers or OpenPro Computers ordered this month will soon be shipping.

"To all, we challenge you: let's see if we can max this one out. Regarding shipping, orders placed the week of April 7 are currently being shipped. We will be shipping units out of our new facility starting Monday, April 21, including those orders placed the week of April 14," Psystar said on its site. "Orders are being shipped in the order that they were received--don't worry; you'll get yours soon. Upon shipment, an e-mail notification, including tracking information, will be sent to you automatically."

So we'll see if those orders start to come through. I ordered a Leopard Open Computer on Wednesday, and my credit card was charged on Saturday. I still haven't received a shipping notice yet.

While we're waiting, check out more photos of what is supposedly Psystar's new building, obtained by my colleague Larry Dignan over at ZDNet. It would be nice if we can finally put the speculation about Psystar's existence to rest next week, and get into the most interesting part of this saga: how does the company plan to fend off an expected legal challenge from Apple?