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Psychonauts sequel in the works?

A bit of Twitter back-and-forth leads to speculation that an indie game of old could make a comeback.

A Psychonauts sequel could happen one day. Double Fine Productions

Double Fine founder Tim Schafer and Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson spoke on Twitter yesterday about a possible sequel to Schafer's 2005 game Psychonauts.

Notch seems very outspoken about investing money in the game, as he tweeted Tim Schafer today and said, "Let's make Psychonauts 2 happen," and then followed up later on with, "Also, I'm serious."

It wasn't long before the media jumped on this story, and a rep for Double Fine amusingly told Eurogamer, "Tim and Markus are talking. Who knows what might happen?" Notch later tweeted, "Anyway, please don't get your hopes too high yet. Everything is extremely vague!"

No one really knows what would happen if Psychonauts 2 hit the market. Despite overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, the artistic storytelling game in which players are an eccentric psychic initially fell short of sales expectations.

Psychonauts enjoys somewhat of a cult following, and is currently available on Steam Marketplace and Mac App Store for $9.99 (it was available for several years on the Xbox Marketplace as well).