PSP video options expand

Tech Culture

Video options for Sony's new PlayStation Portable are still somewhat limited, especially if your cultural tastes run a bit north of "Hellboy."

But that'll change slowly, as Sony and smart marketing droids offer video clips formatted for the sexy new gadget.

The biggest collection comes from the rather well-hidden PSP page of Sony's Connect service, where you'll find about a dozen free clips to download, including two episodes of cult cartoon "Speed Racer."

The legibility-challenged site for international cable channel 29HDN has a new PSP section with a few downloadable movie trailers and an interview with soccer star David Beckham.

And, of course, our brethren at GameSpot have tons of PSP-ready game reviews and other video content.

Expect a steadily increasing array of media sites to offer PSP content as they discover a little MPEG-4 translation is all it takes to reach a new and somewhat captive audience.

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