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PS4 will have voice controls, Sony confirms

Sony's PS4 will have voice controls and facial recognition, but you'll have to shell out £55 for an accessory.

Update: A Sony spokesperson has been in touch to confirm that "PS Camera does allow voice recognition". Exciting stuff. Original story follows.

We've had a hint before that Sony's PS4 could be voice controlled, but now comes confirmation straight from the horse's mouth. You will be able to speak to control your console, if you buy the PlayStation 4 Camera peripheral, Sony has confirmed to Polygon.

"Sony Computer Entertainment can confirm that PlayStation Camera allows for voice recognition and we will look forward to sharing more details in the lead up to the launch of PlayStation 4 on November 29," a spokesperson said. A recent presentation also shed some light on how it'll work -- I've embedded a video of it, so you can see it for yourself.

Sony unveiled the talky skills to retail staff at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas last week. Not only does the PlayStation Camera let you speak to control your console, it'll also recognise your face.

I've contacted Sony for comment, and will update this story if I hear back. 

Here's a video of the recent presentation, given by Sony Computer Entertainment America's group manager of retail training and advocacy Sean Coleman. He gets to the good stuff around 5:30.

"When you add the PlayStation Camera into the mix," Coleman says, "the pair work together to expand upon system features and enhance your PlayStation 4 experience. The new stereoscopic lenses track your body movements in games or even recognise your face [for] easier system navigation."

The slide in his presentation doesn't reveal much more, unfortunately. "From navigational voice commands to facial recognition, the PlayStation Camera adds incredible innovation to your gaming," it says.

Still, nice to have it confirmed. Exactly what powers this toy will give you is up to the game makers. The PS4 goes on sale here in Blighty on 29 November, and will cost £349. The PlayStation Camera will set you back another £55.

Are you looking forward to voice-controlled gaming? Or has Microsoft got it sewn up with Kinect? Let me know in the comments, or project your voice controls over to our Facebook page.