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PS4 UK sales top 1 million in 'surprising' Sony coup

Sony says the millionth PS4 was bought alongside "Destiny", the big-budget open-world shooter that goes on sale today.


The PlayStation 4 has hit a major UK sales milestone, with Sony boasting that its angular console has been snapped up by 1 million Brit gamers.

Those impressive numbers, touted by Sony in an official press release, come courtesy of analyst firm GfK Chart Track, which tracks online and retail purchases of games and hardware using data captured from shopping systems.

Sony says the millionth system to be snapped up was bought alongside " Destiny", the big-name online shooter from the makers of "Halo", which lands on PS4 and Xbox One today.


Sony's console remains ahead of Microsoft's rival Xbox One machine, according to IHS games analyst Piers Harding-Rolls, who told CNET, "The strength of sales for PS4 in the UK compared to Xbox One is more surprising considering the fact that Xbox 360 dominated over PS3 during the last generation across the territory."

Noting that the release of "Destiny" could play to Sony's advantage, Harding-Rolls went on to comment, "Microsoft's proposition -- its pricing and value bundles -- are more competitive now in the UK than they have been since launch, so I expect a hard-fought console sales battle to be waged in the remaining months of this year."