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PS4 to be bestselling console at Christmas, says Paddy Power

The online bookies reckon Sony's console will outsell Microsoft's this Christmas.

The Christmas console wars are hotting up, with the Xbox One going on sale a couple of days ago, and the PlayStation 4 set to hit the shelves on Friday. According to one UK bookies, the PS4 will come out on top, as it's most likely to be the bestselling console this yuletide.

Paddy Power has given the PS4 odds of 1/8 of being the top selling console this festive season, MCV reports. The Xbox One's odds have fallen from 11/4 to 9/2.

"It's all been one way traffic in the betting," a Paddy Power spokesperson told MCV. "It looks as though it's game over for Xbox in the eyes of our punters at least."

The Xbox One is £80 more expensive than the PS4, but that hasn't stopped Microsoft selling a million of them in the first 24 hours. That matches the PS4's sales in the first day it hit the US.

Sony is rumoured to be readying a PS4/PS Vita bundle pack in time for Christmas, pushing the Remote Play feature as a major selling point. It'll be interesting to see how well it does, though it'll all come down to the price.

According to Paddy Power, Call of Duty: Ghosts is odds-on to be the bestselling game this Christmas, with odds of 1/5. That's followed by FIFA 2014 (4/1), GTA V (5/1), Batman: Arkham Origins (20/1) and Assassin's Creed IV (25/1).

Both the PS4 and Xbox One have had their share of troubles since launch. Some PS4 consoles have been bricked and just won't work, though Sony claims this affects fewer than 1 per cent of PS4s, and it's all down to the consoles being damaged during transit. The Xbox One has been marred by crunching noises, and a frozen green screen. But again, these seem to be in the minority.

Will the PS4 outsell the Xbox One? Are you waiting for Sony's console, or did you go for Microsoft's machine? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.