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PS4 teaser video tries to steal Xbox limelight, reveals it's black

See all 39 seconds of blurry, fast-cutting teaser action right here!

A fast-cutting new video from Sony shows off its new PlayStation 4 in minuscule increments -- the day before arch-rival Microsoft announces its new Xbox. The big news: it's definitely black.

The video is as teasingly teaserish as it's possible for a teaser to be. Is that an on button? Are those ports? Is that a sharp edge? What's with the arrows?! I must know as soon as humanly possible! Xwhat? Shut up Granddad, that's yesterday's news! Or tomorrow's, I'm so excited I've forgotten!

Sony announced its new console in February, but showed only the controller, the inevitably named and share button-equipped DualShock 4. It revealed some demo footage from new games, including Killzone: Shadow Fall, whose developers Guerilla Games recently stirred the pot with some tasty specs.

The PS4 will apparently use at least 3GB of memory just for its graphics, with another 1.6GB for the system -- an amount that even hoity-toity PC gamers wouldn't necessarily turn their noses up at.

The teaser video doesn't tell us anything more, but the sharp edges may signal something of a departure from the demurely curvaceous PS3. It's all up in the air until 10 June, when Sony will unveil the games machine at the E3 conference. The show starts at 6pm Pacific time, which is 2am on 11 June here in benighted Blighty. Bagsy not staying up for that one, lads.

What do you think of the teaser? Does it confirm your worst fears? Were you hoping for something more beige? Have you completely forgotten about the Xbox? Tease, taunt and titter in the comments, or over on our tantalising Facebook page.