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PS4 and Xbox One get you free stuff in Podcast 352

Bonus bundles and sexy swag: it's all about the free stuff, from the PS4 and the Xbox One to 4G phones to the hottest sports action.

Extra, extra! It's all about the added extras, the seductive swag and the freshest free stuff as we find out what bonuses you can get with the PS4, the Xbox One and the rest of your technology.

Announcing the PS4 release date this week, Sony revealed special broadband deals for gamers from Virgin Media and other Internet service providers -- while the Xbox One will come with a free copy of FIFA 14.

And as Vodafone, O2 and EE lobby for your 4G business, we take a look at the many bonus-stuffed bundles you can get from your phone network, your broadband and TV provider and other technology companies.

But which is more important: the cool stuff you get on the side, or the core service?

The CNET UK podcast team addresses this and other head scratchers -- like why are phone updates free but you have to pay for new PC software? Has the Xbox One recovered from its shaky start? And does the Occulus Rift make you sick as a dog?

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