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PS4 and Vita bundle here in time for Christmas, report says

Sony looks set to launch a PlayStation 4/PS Vita bundle in December. Better rewrite that Christmas list.

Sony is set to release a PlayStation 4/PS Vita bundle pack in time for Christmas, according to MCV. This 'Ultimate Bundle' hasn't officially been announced, but an image of it has shown up in the print edition of games trade mag MCV, reports.

"Start playing on PS4 and continue your adventures on PS Vita with Remote Play," it says on the box. So the fact you can play your PS4 titles on your handheld is obviously a big selling point for Sony.

There's no price yet, but the image does have "Dec 2013" below it. So expect it in time for Christmas.

I've contacted Sony for comment and will update this if I hear back.

The bundle has been rumoured before. Over the summer, Inside Gaming Daily reported it would arrive at the end of the year and cost around $500. That translates as £308, but expect it to be much more than that, seeing as the PS4 alone costs £349. My bet would be closer to £500.

As long as you have home Wi-Fi, you can play PS4 games on your PS Vita using the Remote Play function. Though to do this -- and to play Blu-rays and DVDs, use the 'play as you download' feature, and enable face recognition and voice commands -- you'll need to download a 300MB software update first. Harrumph.

The PS4 hit the US on 15 November, and will reach these shores on Friday. It's already sold a million units in its first day, but Microsoft's Xbox One matched that without breaking a sweat. The Xbox One is the pricier of the consoles, costing £80 more than Sony's machine.

Are you excited about the PS4? How much would you pay for a PS4/Vita bundle? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook page.