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PS3 Slim video: Real or fake?

A very grainy video of the alleged PS3 Slim has surfaced on YouTube. It's probably a fake, but we'll let you make the call.

Recently, a shaky, grainy video of what may or may not be a PS3 Slim turned up on YouTube (Engadget says it's supposedly a "stolen" PS3 slim that made its way to a street market in the Philippines). However, it's of such poor quality that it's really hard to tell what's what and it looks pretty dubious to us (and other blogs as well).

The "console" in the video does appear to be a little bit smaller than the current PS3 and there's quick flash of the new PS3 logo that we saw in earlier spy shots of an alleged PS3 Slim shipping box.

What do you guys think? Real or fake?

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