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PS3 price watch: it's over!

PS3 price watch: it's over!

Let's get to the goods: on sale worldwide November 17 (six days earlier in Japan), two configurations: $499 with a 20GB hard drive and $599 with a 60GB drive. Sony announced the details of the PlayStation 3 launch yesterday at its kickoff press conference for E3. The company will be doing the Microsoft-style global launch thing, with, hopefully, better effect. The other big news is the new, top-secret controller--like the Nintendo Wii's controller, it can fly! It's motion sensitive so that all your weaving and bobbing is actually part of the game. More on E3 as L.A. Internet access allows.

Update - 11:15 AM 5/9/2006 - You can find more details on the PlayStation 3 from CNET's John Falcone at our E3 section.