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PS3 iPlayer has teething troubles, buffering blues

It looks like the BBC's update to its iPlayer service on PlayStation 3 is having some trouble, with users reporting buffering woes.

The redesigned BBC iPlayer catch-up service, which rolled out to Sony's PlayStation 3 last week, appears to have run into a few teething troubles. Reports on Twitter suggest users are suffering buffering problems and freezing videos.

Tweeting from the official iPlayer account, the BBC said, "iPlayer PS3: We have identified a possible video buffering problem. We are working on it with our partners and hope to resolve it soon." The account has been responding to users reporting playback issues.

One Twitter user said, "Since update slower connections cannot watch iPlayer on PS3 due to it freezing and lagging every few seconds." Others reported that it keeps freezing and crashing.

We contacted the BBC about the issue and a spokesman told us, "We're aware that some people are having problems, we're working on it and hope to have it resolved soon."

Teething problems are very common with online services like this, so it's hard to gauge how many people are affected. We'll be keeping a close eye on what happens, and we're hoping Auntie can sort out any issues quickly.

The revamped iPlayer is designed to take advantage of devices that put the catch-up services on big screens, where you don't have access to a mouse and keyboard. The PlayStation 3 is the first system to receive the refreshed version, with Internet-connected tellies' built-in systems to follow in the coming months.

The updated service lets you set favourite programmes and view your previous search results, which could save you some streaming time.

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