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PS3 firmware 4.0 makes it a hub for Vita

This latest firmware update for the PS3 will be a delight for nonexistent PS Vita owners everywhere.

Screenshot by Christopher MacManus/CNET

Sony's new PlayStation 3 firmware--version 4.00--ushers in new functionality for the console by making it a hub for the upcoming PS Vita handheld.

After spending several years in version 3, Sony has elevated to version 4 in the latest PlayStation firmware that went live around the world yesterday. The console is now a media, backup, and update hub for the Vita handheld.

Specifically, now gamers have the ability to copy music, videos, images, games, and other apps between the PS3 and Vita. This is mostly unimportant now, but will be a nice touch later when the latest Sony gaming device finally lands. The device will not arrive in the U.S. and Europe until February 22, but will be released in Japan and other Asian regions in late to mid-December.

Also worth noting is that PlayStation Plus members have the ability to specifically choose whether they want game patches, system software, sync trophy information, and recommended games and videos to be automatically updated.

There is also new support for upscaler output and cinema conversion found in Blu-ray discs. English (U.K.) and Portuguese (Brazil) are now available as system languages, and new privacy settings for messages and friend requests were added.