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PS Vita: UK launch games priced, no 32GB memory card

Sony has confirmed prices for the PS Vita's UK launch titles and accessories. The bad news? We're not getting a 32GB memory card.

Sony confirmed prices for its UK first-party launch titles and accessories for the PS Vita late last night, but for some reason we won't be getting a 32GB memory card, CVG reports. Doesn't Sony think we've got enough data to fill them or something?

Sony also confirmed the full line-up of 25 titles for the US, but is yet to give a full list of third-party games for our launch. Strange, seeing as it'll hit the UK the same day as the US.

The Sony games available on 22 February are: Unchartered: Golden Abyss (£44.99); ModNation Racers: Road Trip (£34.99); Everybody's Golf (£34.99); WipEout 2048 (£34.99); Unit 13 (£34.99); Little Deviants (£24.99); and Reality Fighters (£24.99).

The 4GB memory card will set you back £17.99, the 8GB £31.99, and the 16GB £44.99. There's no 32GB, which seems a little unfair to us, but there you are. "[A]t this time, we are not planning to launch with the 32GB PS Vita memory card," PS Vita European product manager Adam Grant wrote on a thread responding to the question on the original blog post.

You'll also get six AR Play Cards and three AR games (Table Football, Cliff Diving, and Fireworks) with the console. For more on its augmented reality abilities, have a gander at this video.

The Vita went on sale in Japan on Saturday, with Sony selling over 300,000 of the blighters in the first two days. Not everyone who bought one was chuffed though, with some consoles freezing, others with stains on the screen. The Vita will only work with one account as well, requiring a factory reset if you want to log in with a different username. Here it is bared for all to see. Oh, and beware of cheap imitations.

Are the games too expensive, especially compared to mobile games? Let us know below or over on our Facebook page.