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PS Vita, iPod touch and Nintendo 3DS compared in video

We compare the iPod touch, Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita in this video comparison.

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If you're looking for a portable gaming gadget to help you waste time during ad breaks and family holidays, right now you're spoiled for choice. In this video I take to the office pool table to compare the cream of the crop -- the iPod touch, the Nintendo 3DS and Sony's PlayStation Vita. But which one is the right gadget for you?

While our three contenders are all great for gaming, they're very different propositions. The Vita is a total hardware monster, with Sony chucking every bit of kit they could think of at its latest handheld.

That means you'll get a 5-inch touchscreen, dual analogue sticks and a quad-core processor, along with a touch-sensitive trackpad along the back. The compromise, of course, is that the Vita is very bulky.

The iPod touch wasn't designed as a gaming device, but that's certainly what it's become. That's because it grants you access to the thousands of downloadable games available through the App Store.

These games aren't the big-budget, big-name titles you'll find on the 3DS and Vita, but they're still extremely compelling and are ideal for 30-second bursts of gaming. Better yet, they can be downloaded very quickly and for very little cash. 

The 3DS, meanwhile, has one striking headline feature -- letting you play games in 3D without the need to wear dorky specs. But is that a good enough reason to throw down your cash to acquire one? The video tells all.

So hit play to find out which of these devices deserves your moolah, and let me know which you prefer in the comments below, or on our Facebook wall. Happy gaming, folks.