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PS Plus extension codes to make up for PSN outage going out this week, report says

Sony is making good on its promise to extend memberships after the PSN outage earlier this month.

Sony is now apparently making good on its promise to extend users' PlayStation Plus memberships in the wake of a PlayStation Network outage that knocked Sony's game network offline earlier this month.

The company has started to dispatch emails to users who had an active PlayStation Plus membership during the outage, according to a report today from VG247. Extensions are likely to also cover PlayStation Now and video rental services, though this is not confirmed at this stage.


There is no word yet on how exactly this will work, but it seems likely that a time extension will be automatically applied to your account. It isn't clear how long Sony will extend users subscriptions.

After the major Christmas 2014 outage, which dragged on for nearly a week, Sony offered users a five-day extension to their PlayStation-related subscriptions.

This month's PSN outage disrupted virtually all Sony services, from the PlayStation Store to online gameplay, across PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The downtime lasted roughly 10 hours as Sony's engineer teams worked to bring the network back online. The compensation package was announced just hours after service was restored.