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Protect yourself from drone detection with anti-thermal clothing

The drones are coming! Protect yourself with a clothing line that prevents thermal imaging.

Drones will only see your bottom half in this burqa. Privacy Gift Shop

The sky will soon be littered with drones delivering packages, filming movies, delivering champagne, and taking selfies. What is a privacy-conscious human to do?

The folks at the Privacy Gift Shop think they have the answer with their Stealth Wear lineup, which includes a burqa, hijab, and hoodie that shields the wearer from thermal imaging used by drones for detection. The burqa ($2,500) even comes with a hat that adds an extra layer of thermal image blocking.

But, uh, they probably should have made some anti-drone pants as well. Those drones might get suspicious of a pair of legs just walking around. If you're fearful for the world of drones, you should probably check out the Stealth Wear line on Privacy Gift Shop's store.

A modern-day tinfoil hat. Privacy Gift Shop

(Via BoingBoing)