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Prosession Golf

Nokia N93i with golf application.

Not available in the USA yet but showing up all over Europe and even China, is the N93i golf edition phone from Nokia. This is a smart phone with golf specific analysis software called Prosession golf.

You can film a golf swing with the phone and then use graphic tools to analyze your swing. It comes with some reference swings so you can compare your swing to that of a golf professional, it also has the ability to email a golf swing from the phone to a web service like youtube or to your local golf pro for a lesson. You can even plug the phone into your television via the video out port for an even better view of your swing.

Nokia has not set a launch date for the US Market but hopefully they will see the light and start sending some of these cool applications our way. You could really use the application for multiple sports so this could be the sign of things to come.

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