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Prosecutors place Craigslist ad seeking attack victims

Continuing to build their case against the alleged Craigslist-lurking killer, Boston prosecutors ask for more potential attack or robbery victims to come forward.

The Erotic Services section of Craigslist Boston is still full of advertisers vying for attention with exclamation points, heart symbols, stars, and even percentage signs.

However, one ad, posted late Thursday, offered a sober reminder of what happened in Boston over the previous week.

Headlined: "Were You Attacked or Robbed by a Client? (Boston)", the ad asks for further potential victims of the alleged killer who preyed on women through Craigslist to come forward.

Even though Philip Markoff, 22, has been arrested in connection with a murder and an assault in Boston hotels, he is not named in the ad and police said they cannot be sure there are other victims.

CC David Hilowitz/Flickr

Markoff is said to be on suicide watch in jail. And a Facebook group has been formed in his support.

However, it appears that Boston police may have also stepped up their actions against masseuses who advertise on Craigslist.

The site offers two alternatives for those seeking relaxing services. The erotic section seems a little more obvious. But the therapeutic section also offers services that enjoy a level of suggestiveness in their advertising style.

For example, from Friday's therapeutic section: "Hot cougar performing massage today".

However, one ad posted there Thursday evening was headlined: "Police Arrests at BEST ASIAN BODY WORK (CANTON)."

The text of the ad began: "Couldn't help say: I told you so. Police arrested 2 of the staff at this Spa on Thursday, April 16th at noon time. The Canton police are continuing to investigate this 'alleged' spa. They quickly uncovered evidence within a very short time of being anonymously notified, using undercover agents."

It continued: "I'm not sure if they're still open, but it would seem to make sense to stay away and let them close up shop."