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Did prosecutor try to use Facebook friendship to avoid DWI?

Commentary: In Dallas county, an assistant district attorney is suspended after allegedly asking for a favor based on her social media activity.

 Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Illustrative image of the Facebook website.

It doesn't confer special status. 


Arrest warrant affidavits sometimes offer enlightening details.

In this case, an affidavit obtained by NBC Dallas-Fort Worth alleges that four officers were called to the scene of an car accident in Dallas on Saturday night.

What police say they found was Assistant District Attorney Leah Lucius being assisted by fire engine personnel, and a car that had struck a tree and a fence. The gray Cadillac was missing its front right tire and its windshield was shattered.

They say they soon determined that, following sobriety tests, Lucius was allegedly intoxicated.

The affidavit, though, continues that Lucius allegedly told Officer Bobby Watkins: "Bobby, can you give me a break; we are Facebook friends?"

Watkins replied, says the affidavit, that everything was being videotaped and recorded and there was nothing he could do.

Some might find it curious that anyone would imagine Facebook friendship truly confers special status. 

For many people, Facebook friends are merely people they know, people they once met at a party or people whose friend request they accepted without having a clue who they are.

I've seen a few cop shows where someone might appeal to a police officer: "C'mon, Luke, we're friends." However, the alleged insertion of the Facebook part in this case might show just how deeply the site had permeated human consciousness.

There's friendship and, now -- above it -- there's Facebook friendship? Is this where we've arrived? 

The Dallas County District Attorney's Office didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

However, a spokeswoman for the office offered NBC Dallas Fort-Worth this statement: "We are aware of the arrest that occurred over the weekend. Ms. Lucius has been suspended until the investigation into her arrest is complete. We will make no further comment at this time."