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Prominent tech and science experts call for killer robot ban (Tomorrow Daily 216)

Ashley and Khail discuss a petition to ban autonomous weapons, one man's silly idea to load Half-Life 2 on his Android Wear smartwatch and Stanford University's AI program to teach robots to play games.

We're kicking off today's show with a story that sounds like the start of a science-fiction movie, but is very real to the people involved. Prominent scientists, tech experts, and researchers are signing a petition calling for a ban on autonomous weapons. Military drones and other devices are already used in strikes around the globe, and the petition's signees feel we're already on a slippery slope toward giving robots with humanlike AI full control of choosing who to eliminate. It's a hot-button topic, and one with some very heated debate on both sides, but we try to talk a bit about it and why the scientific community isn't thrilled about a future with AI weapons.

We're also briefly checking out a video showing Half-Life 2 running on an Android Wear smartwatch. Apparently the guy responsible for the port is a fan of bringing PC games to mobile devices, and even though the game is obviously buggy and crashes quite a bit, we're impressed with his ambition.

Last, we're taking a look inside Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence Lab. You don't have to worry about these AI robots, though, because they're more interested in playing games like ping-pong and Japanese cup-and-ball than harming any living things. Plus, that lab just looks like a fun place to hang out.

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216: Prominent tech and science experts call for killer robot ban

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