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Project to develop SSH client for iPhone

Project to develop SSH client for iPhone

A new third-party development project has been spawned with the hopes of creating a highly desirable, currently missing (as far as we know) function for the iPhone: an SSH client. The "Hull Project" lays out these goals for the client:

  • to provide an easy-to-install solution on your server to allow secure shell access to your machine
  • to provide an access as close as possible to a real ssh client.
  • to provide an interface aligned with the "standard" Apple iPhone applications
As announced yesterday during Steve Jobs keynote to WWDC attendees, there will be no sanctioned third-party development for true OS X applications that run on the iPhone. Instead, Apple is recommending that developers deliver robust "Web 2.0 applications" for the iPhone, making use of AJAX and other technologies. These applications will all run within Safari, but can (with the right development) mimic the look and feel of already extant iPhone applications.Tim Anglade, one of the three coders working on the Hull Project, tells iPhone Atlas "While the development of such an app would pose some obvious security and UI problems, we are calling out to the mac community to provide feedback or even join in and help assess the feasibility of such an app (and then, get codin')."The project sees the following technologies -- all of which are purportedly supported by the iPhone -- as opportunities for actually building the client:
  • SSL or TLS import, as it has been strongly hinted by apple that those technology will be supported by the iPhone's browser
  • AJAX for the interface
  • a framework such as Ruby on Rails or Camping
There is a Google Groups page, Tim is inviting email at A Google Code Project has also been established.