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Project Loon balloon reportedly hits the deck in Chile

Google says the balloon's descent was planned, but Chile's aviation authority is reportedly investigating the crash.


Project Loon is designed to beam Internet to remote areas.

James Martin/CNET

One of Google's Project Loon balloons reportedly crashed on a farm in Chile on Saturday following a test flight.

Police cordoned off the site where the balloon hit the ground, which was east of Los Angeles in the province of Biobio. The Chilean civil aviation authority will now investigate the fall, the Register reported on Monday.

Google said the crash was planned.

"This was a planned landing for Project Loon, a project that hopes to beam Internet access to rural, remote, and underserved parts of the world," said a Google spokesman. "The balloon that landed on Saturday, April 23 had successfully concluded a test flight and we coordinated with local air traffic control as we managed its slow descent to a rural area just east of Los Ángeles, Chile."

Project Loon balloons are designed to bring Internet access to remote areas of the developing world. Test flights began in June 2013 and are ongoing.