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Tech Industry

Profits rise at Informix

The number-two company among database software firms reports a 9.5 percent increase in third-quarter profits.

Informix (IFMX), which recently climbed to the number-two position among database software companies, today reported a 9.5 percent increase in third-quarter profits.

Informix reported earnings of $26.2 million for the quarter ending September 29, compared with $23.9 million a year ago. Revenues, meanwhile, jumped 30 percent to $238 million from the same time a year ago.

Informix is going up against market leader Oracle as it improves its systems management and Web deployment tools. During the third quarter, the company began shipping the Informix-Universal Server to developers, customers, and partners.

Revenue growth was pushed by a substantial rise in database software sales, which increased 50 percent during the corresponding quarter last year, Informix CEO Phil White said in a statement.

Informix saw its European revenues rise by 48 percent to $93.6 million, but its intercontinental sales fell 5 percent to $35.3 million.