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Profigold PROV7101: Yes, it is a Scart cable and no, it isn't 1994

Yes, that's right, we said Scart, go ahead and get the laughing over, we'll still be here when you've finished. If you're done, now we can proceed with our hands-on look at a very nice cable from Profigold

Let's get this straight right now; you shouldn't be using a Scart cable at all. If you haven't already taken all of your old, non-HDMI equipment and set fire to it in an analogue amnesty, then we'll be round later with a box of matches and some lighter fluid to make things right.

But if you absolutely insist on hooking old equipment up to a new TV, then we'd prefer you to do it with a high-quality cable. Unlike with HDMI, there are lots of problems that can arise from buying a cheap SCART cable. For a start, interference is more of a problem – in HDMI, if you do get interference it will probably result in very obvious picture problems, whereas with analogue the issues are more subtle.

The Profigold aims to reduce interference problems, and increase picture quality by using good-quality copper, multiple screens on the cable and one of those ferrite core things that you get on USB cables that claim to ward-off stray signals. The connectors are also gold plated, and most importantly of all, all the pins are connected, which means the cable will be able to make the most of the SCART system.

We chucked the Profigold 1m 7101 between our Humax 9300T PVR and a 1080p Panasonic plasma, and were pleased by the result. The picture quality was, well, as good as standard definition analogue gets. More importantly, the cable fitted snugly in the sockets, and despite the weight of the connector didn't look like it was going to drop out of the TV suddenly.

The Profigold PROV7101 is available now and costs £30. More information is available at BBG Distribution. However, if you buy one, you should expect a visit from the Crave team and we'll explain the joy of digital to you. –Ian Morris