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Professor launches site to find world's funniest fart

Acoustics professor is desperate to ascertain what specific flatulent sound makes people laugh most. Site has different acoustic options to help him find the answer.

I know that there is a vast probability that some of you will want to be part of a flatulence sound experiment today. How can I possibly deny you that satisfaction?

Professor Trevor Cox, of Salford University in the United Kingdom, is a man who is obsessed with acoustics. He now wants to know which specific flatulent sound makes people laugh the most.

Naturally, Cox, being a man of academia, avoids the word "fart" on the home page of He invites you to "listen to whoopee sounds, and vote for the funniest." He is, after all, a man who used to own the world's largest whoopee cushion.

This is not Professor Cox. But I so wish it was. CC Smoobs

He is also, as you might imagine, not a man immune to humor. He told the Daily Telegraph: "For too long, acoustic engineers have concentrated on issues such as neighbor noise and concert hall acoustics; it is about time we got to the bottom of some more important fundamental issues."

I have just, for reasons far beyond my internal chemicals, participated in Professor Cox's experiment. And it seemed clear to me that one sound is far, far funnier than the other five from which he asks you to choose.

I know that you will create a Technically Incorrect stampede, a veritable bum's rush, over to in order to make your own scientific contribution. Please let me know which one was your favorite. Please also make sure that no one is passing, um, by your cubicle as you do so.