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Productivus? Taskmaster? What will Intel choose for its workplace brand?

Intel will come out with a platform--essentially a blueprint for computer based around its own chips--for business buyers in the middle of 2006, said CEO Paul Otellini.

"We launched two platforms earlier this year (Viiv for consumers and Centrino Duo for notebooks) and we will launch another one for business clients mid year," he said during the company's somewhat dour fourth quarter conference call. Intel missed earnings and said it lost share to Advanced Micro Devices over the last quarter.

Selling platforms is a better business for Intel than selling single chips. One, a platform is made up of several chips, so a single platform can potentially generate more revenue and profit. Two, it means Intel performs more of the independent engineering on desktops. Historically, the more intellectual property you control in this business, the better of you are.

Technically, Intel launched a business platform. Called the Professional Business Platform, it came out last Spring. However, it never got a flashy name. IT buyers try to pretend they are above branding. That's one reason.

Another is that work often doesn't conjure up those happy images. Productivus? sounds like something Caesar would have used in his galleys. Efficieo? Too much of that killed Marie Curie at a young age. Cubicle Buddy? Might be less welcome than a warm seat in a conference room.

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