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Product Hunt gets acquired by AngelList

A tracker for new products and a network for startups come together.

Product Hunt's trending tools will be put to use.

Scott Stein/CNET (screenshot)

Product Hunt, a site for tracking new tech ideas, has been acquired by a social network for people who fund new ideas.

AngelList is acquiring Product Hunt for an undisclosed amount. AngelList functions as a LinkedIn-type network for the startup community, while Product Hunt is a tool for tracking trends in tech, games, podcasts and more.

AngelList's Naval Ravikant talked to TechCrunch, suggesting the union will streamline early product launches.

"With Product Hunt, we can also help founders launch products and find early adopter customers," Ravikant told the publication. "It dovetails very nicely into our mission of helping founders. With this acquisition, we become the network for technology companies."

According to a statement from AngelList, Product Hunt will be used to help connect product launches with more potential customers. Product Hunt will continue operating independently after the acquisition.