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Problems for AT&T Wireless-Cingular union?

Complaints that online store is down, among others.

Some AT&T Wireless subscribers say they are having problems as they migrate to Cingular Wireless' service, possibly signaling a rough start for the merger of the two operators. On Monday, after months of preparation, the two carriers started to stitch together their two separate cell phone networks with more than 20 million total subscribers.

Since then, several AT&T Wireless subscribers say they've had problems accessing the carrier's online services, instead finding the message: "At this time we are asking customers to PLEASE be patient with us as we continue with the transitions of our merger," according to postings at an AT&T Wireless user forum. Some subscribers also complained in this and another AT&T Wireless forum of not being able to switch to Cingular Wireless and keep their old telephone number. On Friday, representatives for both carriers did not comment on the complaints but stressed that they believe overall the merger is going as smoothly as expected.