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Prizefight: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 vs. LG Intuition

They aren't phones, and they aren't tablets. For the first time ever, it's a "phablet" Prizefight punchout between Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 and LG's Intuition. Who will reign supreme?


It's a first-time Prizefight for a whole new evolving category between Samsung's Galaxy Note 2 and LG's Intuition.

These two unique devices bring the world of a smartphone and a tablet into one form factor. Throw in the use of a stylus, and we're talking about two of the most versatile mobile devices on the planet.

The Galaxy Note 2 has learned its lessons and it brings a versatile stylus, albeit with a much steeper learning curve. The LG Intuition stylus interface is straightforward and simple, but there's no place to hold the stylus on the phone.

It's a face-off between Samsung and LG for Prizefight supremacy. Which phablet is your Prizefight champion? Cast your vote!