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Prizefight: Palm Pre vs. iPhone 3GS

The CNET Prizefight team puts the Palm Pre and Apple iPhone 3GS through their paces in five bone-shaking rounds. See who comes out on top in this epic prizefight.

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Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the Prizefight you've all been waiting for: the Apple iPhone 3GS versus the Palm Pre. These two touch-screen smartphone heavyweights have been duking it out on the streets already--launching within weeks of each other, taking jabs through advertisements, and sparring about fair use. We won't even get into the separate battle between the Apple and Palm fanboys/girls.

However, we decided to bring these two into the ring for a formal fight. Obviously, the iPhone 3GS and Pre are packed to the brim with functionality and it's hard to talk about all of it in this format, but we did our best to hit the major design, features, and performance points, so grab a seat, folks, this is a fight you don't want to miss. It all goes down right here.