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Prizefight: Napster versus Rhapsody

A collection of judges from CNET put Napster and Rhapsody through their paces, pitting the music stores head-to-head in five bone-shaking rounds. See who comes out on top in this subscription music service battle.

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Napster has come a long way since its inception as a file-sharing service 10 years ago, and there is little doubt that without it, Rhapsody wouldn't exist--at least not in the form we enjoy today. Now, thanks largely to the fact that most competing services gave up on the game and passed their subscribers over to the two remaining companies, these music subscription companies are rulers of the roost when it comes to paid streaming. But who will come out on top when we pit Napster and Rhapsody against each other in five bone-shaking rounds? Read on for the answer.

Subscription services battle it out