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Prizefight: iPad vs. Galaxy Tab

The two current titans of tablet computers, the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, square off in a classic CNET Prizefight.

Will the Samsung Galaxy Tab trample the Apple iPad, or is this Prizefight doomed from the start? Donald Bell/CNET

With the iPad tablet computer, Apple is poised to dominate yet another tech category (remember MP3 players) before the competition has a chance to react. For Apple's devotees, the iPad is nothing less than a slam dunk.

Prizefight graphic.

Samsung begs to differ. Its Galaxy Tab tablet is a clear threat to the iPad and a worthy consideration to anyone shopping around for a tablet. The Tab offers a smaller, more convenient size, Adobe Flash support, front and rear cameras, and the fastest growing mobile OS: Google's Android 2.2.

But can the Tab unseat the incumbent Apple iPad as the king of tablets? We're about to find out, as these two touch-screen titans square off in five rounds, and our editors get real about which tablet has the goods in this CNET Prizefight.