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Prizefight: iOS 6 vs. Android Jelly Bean

It's an epic battle between bitter rivals for mobile OS supremacy. Will Apple's ease of use and ecosystem take out Android's customization and feature set? Find out!

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It's a first time face-off between Apple and Google for smartphone operating system supremacy. New phones are being released every month, but one of the things that remains pretty constant are the operating systems they are running.

It's Apple's extremely popular iOS 6 taking on Android in its purest form with an unmodified Jelly Bean 4.2.2

iOS 6 brings its pick-up-and-play operating system, and the biggest and baddest ecosystem of content on a phone. Android brings its unmatched customization and more features than Panda Express has menu combinations

This one will always come down to personal preference and the type of user you are, but which OS is your Prizefight champion? It's Apple versus Google for Prizefight king of the ring. Cast your vote!