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Zone Labs adds spyware protection

Update to popular firewall software adds technology for both proactive and reactive protection against spyware.

Joris Evers Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Joris Evers covers security.
Joris Evers

Security software vendor Zone Labs plans next week to release ZoneAlarm 6.0, an update to its popular firewall product that adds spyware protection. ZoneAlarm 6.0 can scan systems for spyware using a list of known threats, but also includes an "OSFirewall" that promises to proactively protect PCs by monitoring system activity. In this it resembles the intrusion prevention products used in large enterprises.

"This prevents spyware from getting onto your machine as opposed to just removing it," said Gregor Freund, general manager at Zone Labs, which is part of Check Point Software. The spyware-fighting technology was developed in-house at Zone Labs, he said. ZoneAlarm Pro 6.0 is due for release July 25 and will cost $49.95. The Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite, which includes antivirus protection, will cost $69.95. The free ZoneAlarm firewall will not include spyware protection.