Worm packs double whammy

roundup MSN Messenger users could get bitten twice by Bropia. Also: Hard time too harsh for worm author?

CNET News staff
MSN Messenger users could get bitten twice by Bropia. Also: Is hard time too harsh for the MSBlast author?

MSN Messenger worm spells double trouble

The new Bropia offshoot, which uses MSN Messenger to spread, is packaged with a second, more damaging worm.
February 3, 2005

Worm uses funny face to distract from danger

Will a picture of an old man making a silly face keep you from noticing a Trojan being installed on your PC? Someone is hoping it will.
February 3, 2005

Saddam Hussein 'death' photos used as worm bait

Mass-mailing worm claims to offer photos that show Saddam Hussein killed after trying to escape from custody.
February 3, 2005

Is hard time for worm author too harsh?

Teenager sentenced to 18 months for writing a MSBlast worm got his just deserts, according to a Web poll. What's your take?
February 2, 2005

Linux developers create forum to air core flaws

The mailing list will aim to get flaws fixed quickly with as little politics as possible.
February 2, 2005

Microsoft: SP2 shimmy's not a flaw

Company downplays a method for intruders to bypass defenses in its Service Pack 2 update for Windows XP.
February 1, 2005