Watch WannaCry attack worldwide in real time

MalwareTech, whose analyst briefly blunted the WannaCry outbreak, has a real-time tracker of the ransomware's attack in progress.

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Watch this: Why the WannaCry cyberattack is so bad, and so avoidable

MalwareTech's WCrypt botnet tracker maps the attack.

Malware Tech screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

It's not a new site, but at the moment it's probably one of the most mesmerizing on the internet.

MalwareTech, whose security analyst on Friday briefly slowed the worldwide attack of the WannaCry ransomware, has created a botnet tracker that shows the locations of unique IP addresses -- a computer's address on the internet -- getting hit in real time. There are also maps of the attack in increments, such five minutes or one hour, and graphics of the new and total attacks.

The site may be getting overloaded periodically, so if the real-time map isn't working, wait a few minutes and try again.

You can see the attack spreading westward as businesses go online for the day; they spread the ransomware the fastest because it uses a worm to propagate itself through networks.

Over the weekend, the ransomware's creators plugged the hole that the MalwareTech analyst found.

Separately, another site shows hourly Bitcoin ransom payments over the course of the outbreak, though it's just estimated data. If the site is correct, the payments have dropped significantly since Friday.