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Vote for the worst computer vendor of 2007

Ed Foster is running a poll of the worst computer companies of 2007

According to perennial computer griper, Ed Foster, we should all do our duty and vote in his GripeLog Worst Vendor of 2007 poll.

Things must be pretty bad in the computer field. According to Ed, "...this year I couldn't pare down the list of Worst Vendor candidates to less than 25. And even then I know I'm going to hear legit complaints about some of the companies I chose to leave off the ballot."

The voting just started, and the early leaders are Microsoft, Sony, Symantec and Comcast.

Here's a story by Ed from a couple days ago, which illustrates why Microsoft has, at least so far, a large lead, Even the Homeless Hurt by Vista Updates.

There is a serious side to this, part of defensive computing is not dealing with bad companies. Now, let's see who those companies are...