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Veterans' Social Security numbers leaked in data breach

Hack exposes the personal information of around 46,000 US vets.

Some 46,000 vets are victims of the latest hack. 
Angela Lang/CNET

The personal information of around 46,000 veterans was exposed during a hack, the US Department of Veterans Affairs said Monday. One of the online apps for the VA Financial Services Center "was accessed by unauthorized users" who diverted payments that were meant to go to health care providers for veterans' medical treatment. The information includes Social Security numbers.

The app has been taken offline, and won't be available again until the VA completes a security review. For now, the department is contacting those affected, including deceased veterans' next of kin. 

"The department is also offering access to credit monitoring services, at no cost, to those whose Social Security numbers may have been compromised," the VA said.