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TruSecure delivers custom bug alerts

A new service checks critical corporate systems as security flaws emerge to see if they are open to attack, then alerts network administrators.

Security company TruSecure unveiled a service on Monday that aims to help network administrators get a jump on new threats to critical systems.

The service, dubbed the IntelliShield Early Warning System, delivers information from TruSecure's vulnerability-warning service to a device connected to a customer's network. The device then looks at the data on the network, gauges what effect the security flaw could have on it, and alerts information technology staff, depending on the level of threat.

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The system helps deliver the right information to the right people, said Mike Rothman, vice president of marketing and strategy at TruSecure. "What we didn't really have was a good way to deliver (vulnerability information) to customers in a way that really made sense," he said.

The TruSecure service is the latest in a series of services launched to help companies determine how vulnerable their networks are to new security flaws. Other companies, including Qualys and Symantec, send out information on the latest security flaws to enterprise customers.

However, those companies don't tell managers whether the system affected by the flaw is a critical one, said Matthew Kovar, director of security solutions and services at analyst firm The Yankee Group.

"Everyone is trying to manage their vulnerabilities and manage their risk--the question is, 'How do you do that?'" Kovar said.

Pricing for TruSecure's service is based on the number of systems protected. It starts near $30,000 and can be as much as "seven figures," according to Rothman.