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Symantec's Norton user forum in beta

For the first time, Norton users can talk amongst themselves about product issues or solicit responses from the Symantec staff without paying extra.

After year's of prodding from pesky security software reviewers like myself, Symantec has finally created a user forum for its Norton products. Although still officially in beta, the forum is has been operating in-house for a few months and thus has been generating some useful how-to information.

Moderator Dave Cole sums up the project in a welcome note:

We've been working on re-launching our product forums for several months now and are happy to finally officially open the door on the beta. We kicked off this project with the intent of creating a place where Norton customers, employees and other people interested in dialogue could meet online to discuss our products and related topics, from system tune-up to scrubbing malware from PCs. Whether it's an idea for a new feature, a feature you love, or something that simply doesn't work for you, go ahead and register as a user and let us know what's on your mind.

So far only Norton Internet Security has its own support thread. Under "Other Products," however, you will find separate discussions of Norton 360, Ghost, and Norton Antivirus. No word yet when the project will be out of beta.