Security Bites 111: Iron Chef returns to Black Hat

Brian Chess and Jacob West of Fortify are this week's guests on the Security Bites podcast.

Robert Vamosi Former Editor
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Robert Vamosi

Iron Chef returns to Black Hat. No, its not the Food Network import from Japan broadcasting live, but the Fortify edition featuring lead security researchers as they struggle against the clock to find vulnerabilities. This year, the secret ingredient is open-source code.

Brian Chess, chief scientist at Fortify Software, and Jacob West, who manages Fortify Software's Security Research Group, tell CNET's Robert Vamosi that one team will use static analysis while the other will use fuzzing. Chess confirmed that Charlie Miller and Jacob Honoroff will be on the fuzzing team, and Sean Fay and Geoff Morrison from Fortify will make up the static analysis team.

Fortify says the Black Hat audience and co-hosts West and Chess will provide running commentary and encourage the competitors. Ultimately, the audience will judge the results based on originality of created tools, presentation of the number of bugs, and creativity of using the tools when searching for vulnerabilities. At the end, a winner will be named.

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