Police arrest Dutchman for alleged Spamhaus Web attacks

A BBC report says officials arrested the owner of Cyberbunker for his alleged involvement with the attacks that "almost broke the Internet."

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Donna Tam
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Authorities in Barcelona have arrested a Dutchman for his alleged involvement with one of the Web's biggest cyberattacks, the BBC reported today.

Spanish police detained a 35-year-old man believed to be Sven Kamphuis, the owner and manager of Dutch hosting firm Cyberbunker. Officials are making plans for his transfer to the Netherlands.

It was widely reported previously that Cyberbunker, a site hosting company, was behind the multiple Web attacks on Spamhaus, an antispam organization. The attack -- called a distributed denial-of-service, or DDoS, attack -- involved overloading Spamhaus' severs with requests. It alsoslowed down the Internet for part of Europe, spurring the security firm fighting the attacks to call it "the DDoS that almost broke the Internet."

The BBC says authorities in Barcelona were acting on the request of a Dutch public prosecutor, who would only identify the man as "SK." Police also searched the house the man was staying in and confiscated computers, phones, and hard drives.