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McAfee pitches products for 'clean' Net

McAfee plans next week to announce new products that enable service providers to offer access to an Internet that is free of security threats.

McAfee is preparing carrier-grade security products that service providers can use to offer users an Internet connection that's free of security threats. The company on Tuesday plans to announce a strategy, dubbed "Clean Pipes," under which it is developing the products, said Vatsal Sonecha, vice president of market development and strategic alliances at McAfee in Santa Clara, Calif. One of the products, a carrier-grade server device to offer these services, is due out in the first half of 2006, he said.

McAfee already sells products that service providers can install at the customers' site and manage remotely. The new products will let the service provider offer the same security services, but as a hosted service from their own data centers, Sonecha said. The services include intrusion prevention, secure content management, vulnerability management, virus and spyware protection, and mobile device security, he said. McAfee is working with a number of service providers, including Cable and Wireless, Telefonica, China Netcom and KPN on the products.