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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 94: 'I'm sorry'

Jack Bauer, Jack Shepard, and how not to get your credit card jacked.

The tender side of a psychopathic killer. Fox

The end of an era in television is here and possibly the beginning of a, likely not-as-successful movie franchise? Well, I hope not. Dong and I have bonded over "24" for the last nine years. In this episode we lament its pseudo-passing.

Then, heads are butted, faces kicked, and throats punched as we I say goodbye to "Lost." Dong says, "Good riddance" instead. Hater!

WARNING! There are spoilers for both these shows' finales and lore. You've been warned.

Also, Dong gives his advice on protecting your credit card number. Or maybe he doesn't actually give advice, but he talks about his experience not protecting his credit card number. Yes, that's what he does.

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