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Inside CNET Labs Podcast 92: This is the good one

Chaos reigns in episode 92.

No, I am the good one. FOX

Dong has had an epiphany and will no longer resort to excuses to explain his many, many Starcraft 2 losses. He believes the Killer 2100 will give him the edge he needs to take his beatings like a man.

Then, Dong stands on a soapbox made of wet cards as he tries to convince me that the iPad's fancy graphics prevent him from actually reading books on the device. Typical day with this guy.

Wi-Fi is moving to the 60GHz band, and say good-bye to your HDMI cables! Maybe. Dong drops science on WHDI and tells us why we'll soon be living in a wireless world--of home theaters. You see, there will still be wires elsewhere...

Finally, we talk movies. I'm in the middle of crafting my top 25 of all time and I'm using Empire's list for some ideas. In the meantime, Dong and I go over its top 10. Not a bad list.

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